Random Patterns

These are patterns that I had only on paper. I figured I'd group them here.

"Kemo Hat" (free from Tucker Yarns, Allentown, PA)
1 ball worsted weight yarn
Size 7 needles: 16-in circular and 1 set dpns
Stitch marker
Cast on 90 st; join, being careful not to twist. Place stitch marker at beginning of round.
Knit in round for 7-1/2 inches or desired length.
First decrease row: K8 K2tog across
Next row: K7 K2tog across
Next row: K6 K2tog across
Next row: K5 K2tog across
Next row: K4 K2tog across
Next row: K3 K2tog across
Next row: K2 K2tog across
Next row: K1 K2tog across
Continue K1 K2tog until 3 sts remain on each needle (9 sts total).
Cut yarn; pull tail though live stitches and pull tight to close hole. Weave ends to finish.

Christmas Stocking (Mom's pattern YAY!)
Transcribed verbatim from her written notes
Cast on 80 sts red, using "knitting" weight yarn and #4 needles. (I use 5 needles - 20 sts each on 4 + 1 for knitting).
Work even for 4".
Next rnd: K1, K2tog, K rnd to last 3 sts, K2 tog, K1
Work even for 3/4" - 1"
Shape stocking this way, decreasing total of 10 times.
Work even 1".
Turning heel: Divide work, using 16 sts on either side of back.
Stockinette st on these back 32 sts for 2-3/4" or 20 rows.
*K18, K2 tog, slip 1. Turn work.*
Continue from * to * until all sts used.
Pick up 10 sts at sides of heel on both sides, knitting around instep.
Continue knitting around foot decreasing 1 st at instep every other row (making gore) until all 20 sts are absorbed.
K even 1-1/2".
Shape toe: Divide work event from side to side.
K1, K2 tog to (end of 1/2 - 3), K2 tog, K1, decreasing 4 sts each row.
K1 row even.
Decrease every other row 7 times.
Decrease every row until 8 sts remain on needle.
Weave toe.
Top: Pick up 42 sts at top with white with wrong side facing you.
Plan letters on graph using 41 sts and 9 rows for letters.
K 4 rows white even.
K pattern using red yarn for letters.
K 4 rows while.
Divide into 3rds.
K point decreasing every side each row.
SC around.
Add bells and hanger.