Saturday, March 5, 2011

Going Through Patterns

Today has been a good day going through all my knitting magazines, booklets, loose patterns, etc. This is a very long-overdue effort.

Ravelry is awesome because most of what I have is already cataloged there; all I have to do is search for the title, click a little plus sign, and POOF! the thing shows up in my library. Then everything is cross-referenced to groups, other Ravelers' work, and other areas of the website. Awesomeness in a big fat shiny bottle!

Other stuff I have in the magazine pile is a ton of pattern pages printed from the intarwebs over the past couple years. If I've knitted the piece, I add it to my Projects list; if not, I look the pattern up in the Ravelry database and add it to my Favorites. Then I can recycle and get rid of all that paper. W00t!

What Ravelry doesn't seem to have is a place to makes notes, store links to web pages, etc. I'll use this blog in part for that; more to come!

ETA: I've created pages! One for "Links I Like," one for "Library," and one for "Random Patterns." Between this and Rav, I'm going to be so organized I squeak.

ETA 2: SQUEEEEEEEEE!!! I found Mom's Christmas stocking pattern. That makes me happier than a very happy happy person. I've transcribed it to the Random Patterns page.

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