Thursday, December 22, 2011

Plans for 2012

Wow, I sucked at contributing to this at the end of the year.

I'd like to do better in 2012 and use this, along with Ravelry, of a record of all my knitting plans, swaps, projects finished and frogged, and anything else I can think of.

So where do I stand at this point?

1. I've signed up on the CPA stashdown thread on Ravelry. My primary commitment is that I will not spend money on yarn at least until the end of June. I'm allowed to use gift certificates (such as ones claimed in a swap); I'm allowed to participate in swaps (yes, that will involve some postage expense, but that's minor). The ONE exception to the buying ban is if I find more skeins to complete my Bugga motherboard. I'm always allowed to buy them. BUT only one of any color.

2. I've signed up for the favorite colors swap, which is due to ship no later than 31 Jan. (Cyclical Swaps Rav group)

3. I want to participate in all the SG KALs that are anticipated to be held during the year. There are 4 in Q1. (SG Rav group)

4. I want to participate in the Socktopus KAL, to knit one pattern from the book each month. (Socktopus Rav group)

5. I'll run a Dexter-themed swap in early Q1. (Dexter Rav group)

6. I'll run a STCW KAL from mid-Jan to end of Feb. (STCW Rav group)

7. I'll finish the UFOs that are on the needles. There aren't many, so I should be able to finish them. First on the list is the Fronkensteek KAL that I totally flaked on (CPA KAL Rav group).

Sounds good! Over the next few days I'll not what gift certificates I have a what shops, list out what projects I've already got in my for 2012, and any other little housekeeping things that strike me.

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