Saturday, May 14, 2011

No Snow, But Rain

Well, my historic two-day-in-a-row posting earlier this week didn't result in snow. We are, though, now facing a number of days of rain. I can live with that.

I finished my Wicket vest... yay! So now I'm full force on my Spring socks. To be honest, I'm not crazy over the pattern. It's a 6-st, 4-row repeat, so it's not complicated, but it involves a lot of YOs, and some are YO clockwise and some are YO counter-clockwise, and there are SSKs and K2togs that have to be kept straight. I'm glad I'm using a variegated yarn because I'm sure I'm not being consistent... with a solid yarn it would show!

I also signed up for a KAL for the Barton sweater. The designer is going to lead classes on various techniques, so it seemed like a no-brainer to me. I order some relatively inexpensive wool (the cost is just under $40) in Forest Heather. The suggested yarn for the pattern costs something like $25 for 2 oz!

Today's goal is to clean my room. It's a mess, and I've let it go way too long. So I'm off to get started. Woo hoo!

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