Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Two Days in a Row... Hope It Doesn't Snow!

Who knows what karmic havoc my posting on two consecutive days might cause! Come to think of it, if there is any karmic havoc going on over this, we are in a lot of trouble. Sheesh!

I worked on the Encore Baby Cardi last night. Ugh, do I hate the finishing work that projects need to look really complete. (Yeah, it's called finishing work for a reason, right?)
  • I wish I'd done the buttonholes differently. The pattern called for simple YO, K2tog. That definitely creates a hole, but it's not stable and not at all pretty. I should have thought to do something more elegant. So now I'm working blanket stitch around the holes, but OMG it's boring and causes even more ends to be woven in. Gah! I got 2 of 4 buttonholes finished.

  • I decided on the buttons I'll use. Pattern calls for 1" buttons... how the heck big are the holes they wound up with? The buttons I'll be using are only 5/8". Granted, the hole comes together a bit with the blanket stitching, but even without, there's no way a 1" button was going through. Doesn't matter; I have more than enough buttons to choose from. But you know what? When you sew on a button, you get another end to be woven in. UGH!! I got one button sewn on.

  • For some crazy reason, the two fronts don't line up. That is, if I match the bottom edges, one of the top edges is a bit short. Argh! I guess I must have lost track of row counting somewhere and have a couple more rows on one side than the other. I'm hoping I can fudge that with the button placement.

Why isn't this sweater done yet? ::whine::

On the plus side, I picked up the Wicket vest this morning. This is a test knit that I'm working, and I had some problems understanding the pattern. I'd posted my question on Sunday and so had put it aside for a bit. Today, I looked at the pattern again and had no problem understanding it. I guess I overthought the instructions and got myself all confused; by just going with the directions and trusting that I'd done things correctly so far, it was easy-peasy to move ahead. I finished the left side of the front; all that remains is the front right side, the neckline ribbing, the armhole ribbing, and sewing the side seams. My goal is to complete it this evening. Yay!

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