Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Whaddya Mean, It's May?

So where did the past 3 weeks go? I have no idea... zipped by like, um, a really fast thing passing by me. Easter's over, Mother's Day has passed, and we're well on our way to Memorial Day. I was going to put in some words about my weight issues making me not look forward to summer, but this is my knitting blog, so belay that, and let's talk yarn!

Today has been an excellent yarn day. My bestest yarn buddy, Mad Science Yarns herself, gave me some yarn today. Yes... gave me some yarn. And not just any yarn. Super scrumptious gorgeous yarn. Two skeins, no less! One is some Munchkin Knitworks Fingerpaints sock in Purpleberry; the other is Mad Science Beryllium in a colorway I'm calling "Spring Fantasy" (sorry no photo yet on that one!). They're both lovely, but seriously, I want to cuddle and hug the Beryllium and sleep with it at night. I'm going to use it for a pair of socks called Spring that I'm doing as a test knit. They are going to be gorgeous, and you are going to be jealous of them! And all she wants in return is for me to buy her dinner a couple times at our Monday night Pints 'n Purls gatherings. That is a done deal!

I have a few projects on the needles right now.

  • A baby sweater vest called Wicket (a test knit)

  • A baby sweater that I started cause I've been dying to see how the yarn knits up and I couldn't think of anything else I wanted to knit

  • The aforementioned Spring socks

  • A blanket out of some old acrylic to be donated to a local animal shelter

I've also committed to doing a few projects for friends, including a Fat Cat in Temple colors (cherry red and white) and one or two Steampunk petal chokers.

Happy knitting!

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